(a) The Movement shall be called “The Guyana Peace Council”, hereafter referred to as the Council;

(b) The Headquarters shall, for the time being, be sited in Georgetown; regional committees may be set up from time to time in various areas of Guyana, as may be decided by the Council.


(a) The Council endorses the following principles as set out hereunder:-
Prohibition of all weapons of mass destruction and ending of the arms race; abolition of foreign military bases; general, simultaneous and controlled disarmament;
Elimination of all forms of colonialism and racial discrimination;
Respect for the right of the peoples for sovereignty and independence, essential for the establishment of peace;
Respect for the territorial integrity of states;
Non-interference in the internal affairs of nations;
Establishment of mutually beneficial trade and cultural relations based on friendship and mutual respect;
Peaceful co-existence between states with different political systems;

Replacement of the policy of force by that of negotiations for the settlement of differences between nations.

(b) To establish, maintain and promote relations with other national and
international organizations which agree with or subscribe to the aims and objectives hereinbefore stated, and to work for the elimination of all forms of discrimination;;

(c) To seek to involve the people of Guyana, by education and action, in the quest for international peace and security and the realization of the objectives stated or implied in the principles set out at (a) above;

(d) To take steps to initiate action aimed at mobilizing world opinion on any matter which the Council considers inimical to the aims and objectives of the Council;


(I) Membership shall be open to individuals and organizations who or which subscribe to the principles and objectives set out above;
(II) An organization shall be represented on the Council by its nominee, who shall have the right to speak and vote on its behalf. Any member representing an organization, who may be a member of the Council in his/her own right, will be able to vote only as a representative, i.e. he/she may not vote both in the capacity as a representative and in his/her personal capacity;
(III) An annual membership fee of $1,000 shall be payable in the case of an individual member and $3,000 in the case of an organization;
(IV) The Council may invite as Honorary Members persons who have distinguished themselves in the cause of peace and who subscribe to the Aims and Objectives of the Council.


(i) (a) Executive Committee: The affairs of the Council shall be
conducted by an Executive Committee comprising a President,
Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer and six (6) Committee Members;

(b) The Executive Committee shall be elected by the Council at its
Annual General Meeting;

(c ) The Executive Committee may from time to time appoint Sub-
Committees to deal with specific national as well as
International matters:

(ii) The Executive Committee shall promote the establishment of
regional committee of the Council;

(iii) Each Regional Committee shall liaise with the Executive
Committee through its Committee of Management comprising a
Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary-Treasurer and four (4)
Committee Members.


(a) (i) Council shall meet at least once in six months. One of these meetings shall be constituted as an Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) notice whereof shall be given at least fourteen (14) days before such meetings: the Agenda of the Annual General Meeting shall include the election of an Executive Committee. Only financial members of at least six (6) months standing prior to the meeting may vote thereat;
(ii) In addition to the AGM, at least one other meeting of the Council shall be held annually.

(b) The Executive Committee shall meet at least once in every two (2) months and five (5) members shall constitute a Quorum;

(c) The Executive Committee or ten (10) members of the Council, all of whom must be financial, by requisition in writing addressed to the Secretary, may call a special meeting of the Council at any time, provided that the purpose of the meeting is stated in the notice requesting it;

(d) The Executive Committee shall prepare an Annual Report which shall include a statement of activities of regional committees as well;

(e) Regional Committees shall meet at such times and places as may be decided by their respective committees of Management.


The Council shall appoint a sub-Committee of Members for the purpose of raising funds other than Membership subscriptions. All moneys collected on behalf of the Council shall be deposited in a bank account.


These rules may be altered or amended by a properly constituted A.G.M, by two-thirds of the financial members present and voting, provided that notice of the proposed alteration or amendment is circulated by the Secretary at least 30 days before the A.G.M.

Membership shall be terminated by the Executive Committee:
(a) for default in payment of Membership dues if the Member is requested to
bring his dues up to date and fails to do so within three (3) months;

(b) for engaging in conduct in contradiction to the Aims and Objectives of the Council;

(c) by resignation or withdrawal;

Provided that in the case of (a) and (b) above, the decision by the Executive Committee shall be subject to the right of appeal to the Council by the Member concerned.